disharmonyForming in 2009, Twitching Tongues are an obvious metal/hardcore five-piece. Disharmony arrives as their third release – and first on Metal Blade Records – following 2011’s Sleep Therapy and 2013’s In Love There Is No Law.

Disharmony opens with the title track, containing a good thrashy intro, some dense tones, and strong vocals – not unlike Machine Head’s Robb Flynn during their The Blackening-era – but this is the most cohesive the record ever is, with an awkward segue in ‘Insincerely Yours’ from the intro to the following section. This awkwardness escalates at such a rate that it significantly detracts from the record – ‘Asylum Avenue’, and especially its opening riff, is just hard to listen to due to the mess of time signatures and volume of ideas, made even worse by the awful transitions. ‘Insatiable Sin’ also concludes with a cringeworthy solo that’s simply a mess, a perfect representation of the lack of focus. There’s never a fine walk between the line of ‘incoherent’ and ‘maximalist’, it’s always just messy and nothing ever feels brought to a good conclusion.

Alongside the lack of focus and cohesiveness, there are some terrible ideas that really stand out, such as ‘Arrival’ which comes across as a substandard attempt at a Nine Inch Nails-style electronics/alternative rock track. Record closer ‘Cruci-Fiction’ sounds like a Code Orange ‘I Am King’ rip-off, from tones to structure and composition, the derivativeness adding insult to injury. Although the record is an unenjoyable listen for almost all of its run time, Colin Young’s vocals are consistent, albeit lacking in variety and fairly enjoyable.

With an unclear focus and a messy sound throughout, consisting of mostly questionable composition choices with sub par ideas, Disharmony really isn’t a record to spend any time with.

Bill Waters @WillJMW13


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