Picture : Foo Fighters Facebook.

A cryptic countdown has appeared on the Foo Fighters’ official website with no indication as to what it’s for. The countdown is set to end on the 23rd of November. Fans have taken to social media to speculate what the countdown signifies – A second series of Sonic Highways? Could it be new music? Or a tour? Or could it be when Grohl’s cast is removed from his leg?

Grohl broke his leg earlier this year in Sweden just before Glastonbury and has been playing shows in a ‘throne’ ever since. The most likely event is a next series of sonic highways, the first series followed foo fighters touring various states in America recording their eighth studio album ‘Sonic Highways’. Another speculation is some sort of live album – on the website there’s background noise that could be conveyed as crowd chatter , plus this year has been a massive year for foo fighter tours.

The website shows a big navy road sign shaped in the famously known ‘FF’ logo with the countdown underneath it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 13.29.55

There’s been so much debate and speculation as to what this countdown will reveal, but only time will tell.

Eimer Harper

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