tumblr_nw9k9igbUB1qdl86po1_1280Capturing you from the very start, Fuzz’s latest release II leaves its listener in an inescapable trance, fully bound by the psychedelic and hypnotic sounds that it delivers.

With a strong resemblance to the early works of Black Sabbath, this album simply oozes bluesy rock and early metal. ‘Pipe’ is a prime example of this style coming to play, with it’s lazy and loose cutting guitar riffs and crunching distortion, dominating the track from the very beginning.

II takes you on a trip of mellow and spell bounding moments, from the freckling, delicate guitar pattern heard at the start of ‘Burning Wreath’, to the most attacking and angry of instants of ‘Red Flag’; a track which transforms you into the mindset of a moody, parent-hating, hormonal teenager.

It could also be described as Tame Impala’s darker and dirtier cousin, through its psychedelic and “stoner” rock influence, feeling as if the album should only be played in the most dimly lit and smokiest of underground clubs.

Tracks like ‘Silent Sits The Dusk Bowl’ acts as a refreshing break, showing that through the mostly heavy sound, there is still room left for areas of light, corresponding to more of the psychedelic side of the album. Beginning with quiet guitar flicks and memorising soft strings, this track really shows that Fuzz are not just a one trick pony.

There isn’t much of a distinguishable difference in quality from their first album Fuzz which had a substantially divergent sound of pure grunge and feistiness. However if it’s dirt and loosely cut riffs that’s needed, this album will pummel you into the dark depths of your subconscious, leaving you in a high state of euphoria, fully submitted by the sounds of Fuzz.

Lizzie Capewell @lizziecapewell


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