After releasing latest album That’s The Spirit in September, Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon play a sold out show at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall for Halloween 

The lights dim and immediately follows a five minute video which introduces Bring Me The Horizon as mutated half-bats, half-humans named The Batsards. As the band enter the stage one by one, the hysterical screaming of the crowd gradually turns into cult-like chanting before the group burst into ‘Happy Song’. From this first track, they’ve already got a tight grip over the crowd.

Whilst the setlist was tailored to mainly tracks off Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit, fans of their heavier tracks were not disappointed as the gem that is ‘Chelsea Smile’ from Suicide Season makes an appearance, the band not missing a beat on this track and performing eardrum annihilating breakdowns. Whilst Oliver Sykes‘ vocals were a let down in this song, he makes up for it with the sheer power of his voice much later during ‘Antivist’.

Emotions run high during ‘Sleepwalking’, where a speech is given before the track itself is played in a beautifully higher pitch than usual. The band conclude the night further on with final song ‘Drown’ as the Guildhall is covered in confetti.

Overall, Bring Me The Horizon are true showmen. They put on an outstanding show in every aspect, whether it be their captivating stage presence or their drastically improved live sound.

Sam Taylor @thatsth3spirit

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