Picture: Oasis Facebook Page. Photograph By Stefan De Batselier.

The brothers unite to appear in a new Oasis documentary made by the creators of the feature length biographical film, Amy. The Gallagher’s, who fronted the band, have agreed to co-operate in the making and staring of the documentary.

The film will follow their success of their first album ‘Definitely Maybe’ which was the fastest selling record in British history when it was released in 1994 to their sudden split in 2009. They have not worked together since the split and believed not to have had any contact with each other at all.

Since the split, Noel has found success in his solo project, Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds. Liam also found success in the band ‘Beady Eye’ but split in 2014.

The film was announced on the 2nd of November and will be directed by Mat Whitecross who bought us Amy earlier on this year.

The film is scheduled to be released before the end of next year.

Eimer Harper 

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