12122743_10153149498591603_4329571562830061769_nPhoto: Good Charlotte’s Facebook

Good Charlotte – Makeshift Love

Good Charlotte are back with an average comeback to the pop-punk scene. With their first single since their 2010 album Cardiology, ‘Makeshift Love’ has the same feel as their previous LP, more pop than punk. 

Some fans will see this as a new beginning for the band after a five year hiatus but this could be a last grab at the spotlight for the punk-rockers. The riffs are generic but generic enough to get it stuck in your head. Let’s hope that the next single/album from Good Charlotte is one to remember.

Jamie O’Melia @OffToHemel


Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You

Ever since his recent work with Skrillex, Justin Bieber has leant overwhelmingly towards the more electronic side of the mainstream.

Sounding incredibly similar to both ‘Sorry’ and ‘What Do You Mean’, if with a little Weeknd twist, the song explores Bieber’s struggles with fame and fortune but it’s kind of hard to feel sympathetic when even his voice sounds arrogant. We all know Bieber can sing, and that his writers are very good at hooks, but when is he going to give something a little more than that? Don’t hold your breath, it might be a while.  

Maddy Hardman @PseudoAgatha


One Direction – History

A band that split opinion in the room like no other. To some the most loved band, to others the most loathed. This song is no exception.

A real stripped back acoustic track, which as contrasting to the large majority of One Direction songs, it still has those simple components of catchy pop-ness and a chorus that annoyingly will not escape your head for the rest of the day.

Mind numbingly simple chords accompany infuriating lyrics which plod through this song for an easy listening yet dull and dreary experience.

But what did you expect?

Andrew Shelley @A_Shelley11


BANKS – Better

BANKS reveals her lead single ‘Better’, taken from her new album which is set for release early next year.

The track is introduced with the rippling of high and low pitched “yeahs” which sits in the background of the whole song, nothing out of the ordinary for the American singer.

With a fairly slow start, the song picks up rapidly when the chorus hits with deep synths combined with moments of silence, all creating a passionate and intense feel which is what BANKS does best.

BANKS is sticking to what she does best in this track, explaining her painful and emotional heartbreak through her explosive vocals producing a raw and perfect track.

Mia Wolo @miawolo


Sia – Bird Set Free

Singer-songwriter Sia has released new single ‘Bird Set Free’, taken from up her upcoming album This Is Acting. The Australian has become a well known pop artist for her unusual approach to sticking behind the scenes and her voluminous belting vocals.

The track commences with a solemn piano and in great Sia tradition, the track tells a story of struggle. The emotional ballad was written in collaboration with lady of the moment, Adele, originally intended to feature on the Brit legend’s future album.

Sia wails of sympathetic contradiction, singing: “Clipped wings I was broken free/Had a voice but I could not sing”. The question is though, is the haunting ‘Bird Set Free’ written about Sia or Adele?

Sian Wilson @sianwilsonn_


Deaf Havana – Cassiopeia

After the departure of guitarist Chris Pennells over musical differences, Deaf Havana are back with a brand new track, leaving behind the indie-folk-rock of Old Souls. The band have recreated themselves with a heavier, darker sound.

The lyrics tell a story of James Veck-Gilodis experience in Berlin with a dark twist: “I blacked out ‘til the morning broke/I was swallowing glass and inhaling smoke/I lost my mind in a haze of cobbled streets and broken windows.”
This song promises an authentic Deaf Havana album with a darker demeanour.

Éimer Harper @pxxris


The Cult – Dark Energy

It’s a bit of a strange one, the new Cult single. On one hand, it’s a fucking rager musically, mixing the balls-out hard rawk riffs and touches of darkly gothic post-punk to make the same mystic brew the band built their name on back in the 1980s. On the other, Ian Asterbury’s vocals are inexcusably lifeless. Half the time it’s like he’s still warming up, a little unsure of how his own song goes. He brings it together for the chorus, but even then there’s the predictable panning section in the otherwise great bridge section for him to stumble through.

The Cult don’t sound dead, exactly, but it’s clear that something got left behind in their mid 2000s resurrection. Behold the zombie kings of british rock: perfectly dark, but a little lacking on the energy.

Joe Gilbertson @PAST0DON


Anderson .Paak – The Season / Carry Me

Los Angeles has long stood as a breeding ground and hub for both emerging and prolific music talents. Now add to that list of talents Californian producer/vocalist /drummer/songwriter Anderson .Paak. After ceasing a guest spot on Dr. Dre’s Compton, Anderson premiered ‘The Season/Carry Me’ on Dre’s bimonthly Beats 1 show.

Split into two parts, the track revolves around the struggles of climbing the hip-hop “hot list” as he watches himself rise and those around him fall. Irresistibly soulful, this song reaches new heights when .Paak engages with a nuance flow evocative of Chance The Rapper three minutes in, making for an interesting listen.

Jordan Low @_JordanLow


Coldplay – Adventures of a Lifetime

Coldplay’s latest single Adventures of a Lifetime has proved our British boys are ready to alter their direction, which is nothing but an inevitable step in any artist’s career. Will it serve to accomplish anything other than polarize fans once more though? Be prepared to be transported into another era altogether as Chris Martin amusingly dons his flares and platform boots.

Arguably being born from Martin’s split with Gwyneth Paltrow last year, Ghost Stories’ anguished croons stand in stark contrast to the more funk based grooves comprising Adventures of a Lifetime. Moulding Mylo Xyloto’s large pop vibes and and welding them with ‘70s disco vocal melodies, Coldplay have created something that’s exceedingly buoyant yet would greatly benefit from adopting Mylo Xyloto’s sense of depth.

Ash Valentine @AshValentine7


Baby In Vain – Worthwhile

Baby In Vain have hit us with a sleazy, hard-hitting number. It’s oozing with Nirvana-esque sonics and melodies and it’s refreshing.

The eerie guitar and vocals kicking off ‘Worthwile’ make for a promising three and a half minutes; one that will captivate and have you stop dead in your tracks. This heavy, mid tempo vibe showcases the Danish trio’s musically-intimidating attitude in just four sacred minutes with ease.

This is one killer track, destined to be a live highlight when the Danish trio grace the people with their newly found, powerful gem of a singalong.  

Joe Glover


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