Photo: Everything Everything’s Facebook

As the lights fall in the intimate Pyramids venue, the calls turn from anticipation to elation as Jonathan Higgs, clad in a grey and black take on their signature orange and red tour outfits, announce Everything Everything‘s arrival in explosive style. The opening lines of ‘To The Blade’ immerse the venue (a fraction of the size of the Glastonbury stage the band played this year) into an inferno of noise.

Four songs in and the entirety of the crowd is already contributing to the atmosphere as outstanding bassist, Jeremy Pritchard, prompts a clap which engulfs the airspace above the audience during ‘Get To Heaven’. Higgs’ constant alternation between a powerful boom and a screeching falsetto during ‘Regret’ has half the crowd attempting to keep up and the other half mesmerised. As the intensely vicious ‘Fortune 500’ is played out, he retreats to the raised staging at the back from which he allows the song to evolve into a royal chorus of all four members disjointedly bellowing the line: “I’ve won/I’ve won/They told me that I’ve won”. Not a single member of the crowd dares to make a movement in fear of breaking the intricacy of the incredible vocal symphony before them.

Pritchard takes his bass to the next level throughout ‘Warm Healer’, in which Higgs can’t help but crack a smile mid-chorus. The band throw some classics from Arc into the mix, the chorus of ‘Radiant’ brings the dancing fans into a frenzy, as guitarist Alex Robertshaw delivers the most overpowering riff of the night in a plucky, oriental fashion.

Higgs introduces ‘Cough Cough’ with the announcement that he’ll have to leave it there because he’s “got a bit of a cold” before suppressing a cheeky grin and screaming the earworm lyrics: “Yeah/So/Um/Wait a second.”

Urges of an encore persuade the group back on stage and within minutes, all that can surely be heard from anywhere in Portsmouth is the chorus to ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’. ‘MY KZ, UR BF’ precedes the final song ‘No Reptiles’ which drops to a sudden ending, leaving the crowd to attack the temporary moment of silence with a final appreciative roar.

Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3

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