SOT_BITRG_2400All American hard-rocking five-piece Sons of Texas’ debut Baptized In The Rio Grande makes one thing is obvious – it does not want to be left ignored. It’s an album of pure rebellion; raising hell with its fierce guitar solos, suffocating screams, and drums which frankly sounds like they have got the shit well and truly beaten out of.

The album starts off with ‘Never Bury The Hatchet’, throwing you straight in with a sharp and solid force, attacking its listener with huge, choking, tar-filled screams and thrashing guitar. The track begins with a muted distorted riff, easing you momentarily for the overwhelming power which the rest of the song delivers.

‘Nothing King’ is a track which showcases the albums meaty and monstrous guitar riffs, a quality which could easily remind you of bands like fellow Americans Black Stone Cherry. With lyrics such as “Now your big shit/Small dick/Pretentious prick” and “Bow down to nothing”, this tune solidly masters the act of testifying authority with one big old middle finger.

A definite highlight of the album is vocalist Mark Morales’ sense of vocal control, effortlessly switching from his harsh and gritty screams back to his normal warm and well-rounded melodic tone. This is especially apparent in ‘Breathing Through My Wounds’, a track which sounds remarkably similar to Slipknot’s ‘Snuff’.

Near the album’s conclusion is ‘September’, yet another dialled down and ballad-like tune. Although this shows the bands diversity in terms of song style, it is obvious that the group thrive on the bigger, grittier songs such as the last track ‘Texas Trim’. In the album’s finale, the boys present their Texan roots with a colossal, heavy sound, bringing back the overpowering aggression and those beastly riffs heard at the start.

Lizzie Capewell @lizziecapewell


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