spector_press_shot_2_credit_joseph_tovey-frostLondon indie-rock four-piece Spector hit Brighton, taking those fortunate enough to witness the show by storm.  The band tonight play at Patterns, a beautifully intimate venue that posses the acoustics and charm to enhance the gig experience.

Opening with their beloved debut single ‘Never Fade Away’, the crowd are the mercy of the ever-charismatic frontman, Fred Mcpherson, who completely knows the control he has.

As the show goes on, the hits come out, seeing appearances from fan favorites ‘Bad Boyfriend’, ‘Twenty Nothing’ and ‘Grey Shirt & Tie’ which raise the volume and please all. The set list also features several surprising tracks including ‘Lay Low’, ‘West End’ and ‘Stay High’.

Playing new material live is something that artists tend to both look forward to and dread. Following the release of Spector’s second studio record Moth Boys in August, the group have a far larger selection of tracks to choose from, allowing more transitions between dreamy mellow tracks and the real floorfillers.

As the lights dim down, a feeling of euphoria rises as the synth beginning of ‘Cocktail Party/Heads Interlude’ starts. The track opens with a groovy bassline accompanied by Mcpherson’s beautiful vocals. Remindful of Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflecktor’, it’s a real crowd pleaser.

During ‘Chevy Thunder’, at the request of Mcpherson mid-way through the track, all those present and sober enough make their way to the alcohol stained dancefloor.

The set comes to a perfect conclusion with ‘All The Sad Young Men’, the song highlighting the artistic progression of the group since releasing their first full length LP Enjoy It While It Lasts in 2012.

Alec Larkin-Riley

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