the-saurs-magic-shape-1Magic Shape is a record of weak standing, failing to supply any particularly memorable songs of a substantial quality. Although The Saurs represent the genre of garage rock remarkably well through their raw and highly energetic sound, it is almost guaranteed that you will not hear anything that you haven’t already heard before. Tie in some old fashioned grunge, sprinkle on some sleazy surf, add vocals which resemble exactly that of Ty Segall (no one likes a copycat now do they?) and it’s got The Saurs written all over it.


The introducing title track ‘The Magic Shape’ acts as a poor and disappointing flagship for the record, giving the listener a unfulfilled and empty preview of the rest of the album.  By ‘Ain’t No Deal’, you’re left feeling lost, completely surrounded by a aggressive wall of sound with simply nothing to grasp onto.


One quality which the band does have is that you could imagine the raw aggressiveness and attitude of their tracks to take much more of a fulfilling effect when heard live. However, it is these qualities that make it obvious that their music cannot be controlled and held effectively within a record.


The tracks are loose, lazy and there isn’t much of a distinguishable difference between them. For example ‘Close-up’, compared with ‘Thursday’; you have fast paced drums, smacking chords and rough vocals, all messily tied together under almost the same tempo.


This record won’t amaze you and it most definitely won’t leave you looking for more, but if you ever need a bit of music just to set the scene, Magic Shape will do just that – fade nicely into the background whilst throwing a bit of attitude into the mix.


Lizzie Capewell @lizziecapewell


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