Nick-Jonas-Nick-Jonas-X2-2015-2480x2480 FullAfter his first solo project Nick Jonas & The Administration didn’t go as well as hoped, it was back to the drawing board for the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers. Reinvention was key, however, it’s outcome was not as many would have expected.

Shaven-headed and bulked up, Nick Jonas no longer boasts the fluffy-haired innocence of youth. Themes of sex, love and unadulterated lust feature predominantly in Nick Jonas X2 – something the star may have frowned upon in his younger, purity-ring wearing years. His distinct guitar-donning persona also appears to be absent from the get-go – falsetto appears the latest weapon utilized from Jonas’ arsenal.

‘Jealous’ proved the first chart hit – a double platinum track with a wholly mature feel that blasted out over every radio station all summer. ‘Levels’ illuminates the latter end of the album, once again enforcing his new R&B sound, whereas ‘Teacher’ radiates old-school, its walking bassline and gentler, more welcoming sound a throwback to the music of the ‘80s. This combination of musical styles does not go unnoticed – instead, all the tracks work together, similar yet distinctly unique, demonstrating Jonas’ pure songwriting talent.

Falsetto-packed ‘Push’ is a concoction of fading chords and synths, as is ‘Nothing Would Be Better’ which is emotive and simple in sound and structure. ‘Avalanche’ stands as an arena-pop anthem with Demi Lovato lending her vocal strength to belt out the chorus alongside her fellow former Disney star. ‘Wilderness’ is somewhat jazzy, a stand-out track between the overly synth-loaded, silky purring of R&B.

If there is one thing that is noticeable throughout each and every track, it has to be Nick Jonas’ unfaltering confidence. Despite the majority of the album sounding testosterone-pumped with heavy bass and loud synths, the unique blend of R&B and mainstream pop elements lends itself well to what appears to be a coming-of-age record – diverse, yet pulled together, and more than suitable for his maturing female teen demographic.

Daisy Hearn @DaisyHearn


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