Photo: Sticky Fingers’ Facebook

Before the show even begins, you’d be forgiven for assuming you were already rubbing shoulders with the Australian boys of Sticky Fingers. Almost as if the tickets came with a code of dress, the majority of attendees seem to be clothed and styled to imitate the band members – particularly their curly-haired lead singer, Dylan Frost.

After support from fellow Oz lads Bootleg Rascal, the five-piece take to the stage and they launch straight into the title track of their most recent album, Land of Pleasure.

From the beginning, strangers are cuddling and singing along together, united in adoration for the psychedelic, reggae, ska fusion that is Sticky Fingers. With a sound that lies somewhere between the soundscapes of Tame Impala and the jangly, vocal-led tones of Sublime, there is something universally inviting about this style of music.

The band themselves prove to be just as likeable, taking time out to accredit Bootleg Rascal for joining them on tour and making notable efforts to engage with the audience. Frost takes this a step further during fuzzy ballad ‘If You Go’, throwing himself into the crowd and practically climbing the roof during an improvised dreamy guitar solo.

When the opening melody for ‘Australia Street’ plays, the venue implodes into squeals of ecstasy. Its infectious and anthemic chorus also has the crowd beaming and swaying in unison. At this point, it is safe to say that Sticky Fingers have captivated the entire audience, proving to be even better on stage than on record – and the records are good!

As the lights begin to fade out, it is clear that neither the crowd nor the band is ready to say goodbye. But with one last exchange of gratitude and adoration, the show ends in a mist of euphoria… and sweat!

Georgia Balson @GeoDeVill

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