NewtonFaulkner_HumanLove1500_1000 sqaure.jpgNewton Faulkner is back after a two year absence with his new album (alongside a new haircut), Human Love. The record is an exploration of human nature and emotion, powered beautifully by flawless rhythms and unique guitar melodies; something which Faulkner has always been famous for.

‘Get Free’, a cover of Major Lazer’s track, sets off the album perfectly with a delicate, falling vocal melody strung together with soft, wafting chord patterns for the verse. Adding an incredible amount of emotion during this rendition, Faulkner really lifts this song off its feet, serving the original a definite justice.

The album has a very raw and exposed feel to it, most likely due to Faulkner’s obvious ability and an very honest approach to his song writing. This is especially evidenced in ‘Shadow Boxing’, a spacial and atmospheric track starting off with eerie, buzzing sound effects with gentle, building verses. The chorus is an explosion of powerful, airy vocals, supplying a floating, almost dream-like aspect.

Faulkner keeps his heart on his sleeve throughout the album with a clear no lack of heart-felt and moving lyrics, which will in no doubt leave you in a nostalgic state of vulnerability.

His last record, Studio Zoo,  is not much different in terms of quality, (for when has this man ever made a lousy album?) although, it does has a different structural approach. His previous tracks are largely focused around more technical guitar riffs and patterns, whereas now it seems that this new record is made for songs of a much thicker and more rounded sound, perfect to be accompanied by a live band.

Lizzie Capewell @lizziecapewell


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