Shotgun Rodeo - World Wide Genocide (Artwork) 3mb FullThe most instantly striking attribute of Norwegian metalists Shotgun Rodeo’s World Wide Genocide is the remarkably tall wall of hard-hitting riffage that instantly confronts you. You can feel it squaring up to you, it’s intensity, intricacy and grit (always laced with the correct level of distortion) demanding you to take it seriously, commanding your attention. It’s confident, ballsy and glorious.  

This band’s first full length album’s technical proficiency will leave any premeditated expectations in the dust. World Wide Genocide is largely shaped by bruisingly thrashy intros and beautifully shattering breakdowns such as tracks ‘The Silver Tongued Devils’ and ‘Withered Earth’. Shotgun Rodeo’s technical versatility is impressive also – you’d be hard pressed to grow tiresome of an album that can be so entirely thrashy and have power metal twists in ‘Withered Earth’ while simultaneously being able to  showcase the odd black metal turns in ‘Skin Crawl’ and ‘Reckless Abandon’. It’s bold and commanding and well executed enough for it not to appear anything but methodical.  

Vocally, World Wide Genocide is vastly colourful. It’s highly reminiscent of ‘80s thrash with its early Anthrax infused sound in parts, accompanied by its contemporary ‘Knock Em Dead’ Pantera-esque vocal twists. ‘Scavenger of Death’ and ‘Up in Smoke’ sees James Hetfield tones creeping in, occasionally textured with Five Finger Death Punch grunts and growls. The vocalist’s cries can often call to mind Steel Panther’s Ralph Saenz; all such elements pointing to well-crafted musicianship.

The album thrives from its choking riffs and adaptability in its dipping from varying metal subgenres. Their musical mast is astonishing –  their distinct flavour certainly present. Nostalgic in its knowledge of metal heritage, yet contemporary in its fusion of sounds, World Wide Genocide is richly gratifying to say the least. Any future albums will be highly anticipated, and are hopefully just as ballsy.

Ash Valentine @AshValentine7


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