Photo: Paige Loyden

What are they putting in the water over in Australia!?

Matt Corby takes Brighton’s Concorde 2 on a journey of sorrow and pain; the amicable stories of heartbreak connect him with the audience as they listen with closed eyes, euphoria flowing.

He appears awkward on stage, standing bare foot, hiding behind his beautiful, long locks. Corby finds a sanctuary within his mind, sharing memories with the lucky few at the venue. The intimate venue and bright lights idolise Corby in a holy-like way and his gospel vocals add to the spiritual ambience.

The Aussie graces us with ‘Monday’, a track that is unique and soulful, boasting transcendent harmonies, folky background claps and impressive falsettos. The eloquent song was produced using only the sounds from Corby’s body and voice, demonstrating years of experience and understanding, rather than the reality of a 10-minute production.

The most majestic part of the experience is his execution of ‘Runaway’, the angst and ferocity in his voice as he bellows, “‘Cause she don’t give a shit about you” depicting the typical ‘girl who got away’ song, although it’s far from typical. The entirety of the song is magical and possessing, as he tells a tale of being infatuated by another. Corby’s depth of song writing is incomparable.

It is refreshing to watch an artist who remembers the importance of telling a story, of standing alone with just a voice, of having the ability to recreate emotions and by painting those feelings with such passion. He replaces every soul in the room with his nature – the collective consciousness of Matt Corby.



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