Photo: The Vaccines’ Facebook

Even for a Monday night, the mass crowd at the Bournemouth’s BIC were far from the start of the week blues and treated the occasion as if it was the weekend. The only one reason that this could occur was due to The Vaccines.

After support bands Big Moon and Palma Violets almost break the floor, as if pressing play on a CD player, Pete Robertson starts hitting the skins and Justin Young opens his lungs and let’s out the first line to the band’s first track and single ‘Handsome’ from new album English Graffiti. Keeping with the weekend feel, the disco balls make the room feel it’s been taken back to the disco era.

The intro for ‘Teenage Icon’ is soon thrown to the audience, only to be greeted by screams of approval as Young steps out to look over the crowd with raised hands, as if he had just conquered Mount Everest. The energy from the crowd creates an incredible atmosphere for bass driven ‘Ghost Town’, which reveals to the audience this is a set stretching across all three albums.

Every arm wave from Young or from the rest of the band, the crowd respond with screams of praise. An extended intro to 2011 summer anthem ‘Wetsuit’ is played, one of the bands less bouncy track. The crowd don’t care though as they dance as much as they do to final song of the set ‘Norgaard’.

The Vaccines are a band that are in control of their audience, even when they alter the atmosphere with ‘Melody Calling’, ‘(All Afternoon) In Love’ and ‘Give Me a Sign’, which made it slightly more lovey dovey, then bring it back to life with the electricity of ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’.

For a band that have a few years experience under their belts, they have grown out of their angsty indie-rock band image and have accepted that they are a pop band.

MATT SMITH @MatthewJamesSmi


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