Tess_Parks_Blood_Hot Small.jpgAs the album begins to play, on its first track, ‘Someday’, the drum beats, guitar strums and claps gallop into what could be one of the best songs on the album. It is apparent that Tess Parks could potentially be a great artist in the next few years and many fans are constantly replaying her songs, almost as if it’s on a loop.

Throughout the album, it is a constant reminder of Lana Del Ray when she first started out as a singer, which is a compliment as Parks’ able to mix two different types of music – a mixture of rock and alternative. So Parks may not be everyone’s taste but when has there ever been an artist who everyone likes?  There are many artists who are now household names that weren’t to everyone’s taste so if they can do it, Parks can.  

Using some incredible elements within the album such as the instruments, vocals and just bringing the rock genre a different sound has intrigued many people to wonder what else she can do.  Songs such as ‘Gates of Broadway’ and ‘Walk Behind Your House’ really captivate Parks’ music and her influences behind the album.

There are times during the album where elements of previous albums from a number of artists could be shown (to which no one is complaining) however Parks makes it work for her music.

The album has left many fans curious as to what the artist could produce next, almost like a mystery because there are so many roads she could go down, as the rock sound is a unique sound.  But whatever sound the rock artist decides to use, you can tell it will be an interesting, intriguing and unusual sound.




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