The Story So Far make their return to Southampton and it’s a triumphant one to say the least.  The Story So Far are known throughout the world for their energetic performances so when these guys play the packed out 1865, the whole venue is atmospheric.

Opening with ‘Empty Space’, the crowd go mad with a huge pit erupting in the middle alongside a shit load of crowd surfers floating around and a load of finger pointing and hands waving around in time to each lyric being shouted.

Playing a 15 track set list spanning over 50 minutes featuring tracks off most of their releases, it’s noticeable and slightly disappointing that there wasn’t a few more tracks from their older releases. The set list still features some of their most well known tracks though like ‘Things I Can’t Change’ and ‘Roam’.  

When you listen to The Story So Far’s discography, one of the things you’ll notice is the raspy, shouting nature of Parker Cannon‘s vocals. This is intensified in their live performance. This may come across as a bad thing but it’s clear that he doesn’t struggle as there’s such power behind his vocals. Cannon also shows there’s a lot more to him than just raspy vocals during the acoustic performance of ‘Clairvoyant’, where he beautifully serenades the crowd and brings the room to a standstill. He even complements the crowd for staying silent during Kevin Geyer’s solo.

The band make it personal, talking about and joking about previous experiences they’ve had with Southampton which made up for support act Drug Church not having a clue where they were in the country. The band also promoted unity amongst the crowd which was such a lovely thing to see at a live show.  

Overall The Story So Far put on a kick ass, fun, pop punk show. There’s not much more to it than that.



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