Photo: Stray From The Path’s Facebook

America has given us some god awful bands in the past few years: it’s rock music scene has become a bloated money-making shell spewing out awful bands with big fringes. Stray From The Path however come forth and break that mould of shit – “We’re fucking real, everything we do comes from the heart” announces frontman Andrew Dijorio. Seeing their set tonight not only is it obviously a step above every other band from the ‘Warped Tour’ scene but it’s undeniably more legitimate, more real.

Stray From The Path has a tactically paced start. Instead of coming out all guns blazing they use the ear scathing riff of opener ‘The New Gods’ to draw everyone in as Dijorio spits politically poignant puns like poison. Once they’ve tested the waters of the crowd a bit they let bangers from the last two albums fly left, right and centre – the intro to every track gives you that “Oh shit, I hoped they’d play this one” feeling. ‘Badge & A Bullet Pt. II’ and ‘D.I.E.P.I.G.’ absolutely go off and Adam Woodford of POLAR (support and UKHC hopefuls) joins them to fill in Rou Reynolds’ part of ‘Eavesdropper’.

The band don’t try to patronise their audience and do an encore; the last two songs are the actual last two. They drop ‘Badge And A Bullet’ to which the breakdown is ridiculously satisfying, then just when you think they’ve run out of new bangers, “Drew” screams the line “Every rich white kid’s got something to say” from ‘First World Problem Child’, the track being a excellent choice of closer.

Stray From The Path aren’t more genuine than other Warped Tour bands necessarily because they cover politics in their lyrics or because they don’t have fringes the size of runways, it’s not even due to the fact that they wouldn’t let terrorism scare halt their Euro tour. It’s because their music resolves a certain anger that you get when you watch the news, because when the people at this gig return home to the news that their government is about to start dropping bombs on people, Sleeping With Sirens aren’t going to help that anger, but Stray From The Path will.



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