Kendrick Lamar is being sued for $1 million (£666, 311) by a fan subsequent to a meet-and-greet dispute that led to her being banned from attending his show.

TMZ reported that Whitney Larkins paid $350 (£233) for a VIP meet and greet package with Kendrick Lamar. She then emailed his manager Dave Free to request a further three minutes “one-on-one time” with the rapper. The fan claims that Free offered three minutes along with him but wanted a “cash payment of $10,000” (£6,663).

In the $1 million lawsuit filed by Larkins, she claims the dispute left her with a “deep sadness” and described Lamar’s manager Free as “arrogant, snotty and an all-around bad dude from the rooter to the tooter!”

Although the fan has maintained her support for Lamar, praising him as “one of the greatest rappers alive of all time who is on par with Tupac.”


Josh Abraham

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