Spotify have revealed plans that they are reviewing their current policy to allow musicians to reserve their albums for paying subscribers only, which means that music-streaming service’s free users would be unable to access music.

The currently policy states that all the services music is available to both the free and paying users, however the change would be a response to the Taylor Swift debacle in 2014.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify claims it is “considering allowing some artists to start releasing albums only to its 20 million-plus subscribers” which will result in the releases being temporarily withheld from users.

Spotify say that they will test the new approach before making it final, by viewing how the new policy may affect usage and subscriptions. Coldplay’s new album Head Full of Dreams was reportedly the first album that the music-streaming service were going to test the new policy, although the plans were scrapped after the band could not keep the album from other free services.


Matt Smith

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