Photo: Basement’s Facebook/Harley Pethybridge



With a number of bands – such as Citizen and Title Fight – giving their own take on different aspects of ‘90s alternative rock this year, Basement’s latest single ‘Oversized’ is an example of the other end of the spectrum, doing delicately soft alternative rock perfectly.

Tender guitar tones and chords ring out alongside a subtle but effective bassline that together back some of Andrew Fisher‘s best vocal and lyrical work yet, opening line “Hiding notes in a secret place / I know it’s so.” harmonising with the rest of the track in such a beautiful way. You’ll have this on repeat till winter passes and you don’t need warming anymore.


THE 1975 – UGH!

‘UGH!’ is an interesting one for sure. Starting with some synthetic keyboard noise at the beginning, that echoes throughout the track, will either make you think your computer is broken or will remind you of those days in year eight where you were let loose on the keyboard in your music class.

The music contrasts yet somehow works perfectly with Matt Healy’s vocals that sound increasingly raspy likely due to all the heavy smoking he’s so well known for. Despite this, The 1975 have done it again and made an infectious track that after the second or third listen will grow on you.

SAM TAYLOR @thatsth3spirit


Killswitch Engage have released another track from their upcoming album and fans aren’t complaining one bit.  The use of brilliant drum beats and addictive guitar riffs have left fans, old and new, wanting more.  

The rock band, who originally formed back in 1999, have come back with melodic sections within the chorus’ and you can’t fault how the four band-members have created such good music after so long.  The newly released track leaves the question that is, is the album going to be as good as this track?


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