UK music sales figures rise for the first time since 2004 due to escalated vinyl sales and growth in streaming throughout 2015.

The retail value of music in 2015 has risen to £1.06 billion, a growth from £1.03 billion in 2014. A 64 per cent rise in vinyl sales and an 82 per cent rise in streaming, equivalent of 26.8 billion songs have boosted the music industries retail value according to trade body BPI.

In a statement BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said “The soaring popularity of music streaming and the burgeoning vinyl revival means that UK music consumption rose again in 2015”.

The overall figure from the previous year includes physical albums as well as digital downloads and estimated revenues from streaming subscriptions.

Taylor continued “Services such as Spotify and Apple Music are going mainstream as more people discover how wonderful it is to have all the music in the world to listen to, whenever and wherever you want. Millions of fans also continue to build treasured collections of favourite albums on vinyl, CD or downloads.”

The results of streaming were taken after March 25 onwards when streaming first started to count towards the charts.


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