French football club Paris Saint-Germain are in a legal dispute with MIA, the legal dispute came to light after MIA reveal that PSG complained about the singer wearing a modified version of the club’s football kit in her refugee-themed video.

 The singer exposed the threats of legal action from PSG on her Twitter account, the four-page letter from PSG stated: “You unduly took advantage of our popularity and reputation to enhance the attractiveness of your artist and, consequently, the profits of your company.”

 She claims that she “was thinking about the bigger picture, which is that way more people are going to die at sea if we don’t do something.”

 She added “Women, children, and real people in need, who get lumped in with armed conflict and militia groups and pirates. So that T-shirt was a nod to all my friends who were like, “Why aren’t you making a cool Somali pirates video?” That’s not what we need right now. But it’s weird that now I’ve ended up in trouble because of a T-shirt. As far as I’m concerned, it’s something realistic migrants wear sportswear.”

Matt Smith

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