CXek5RfUoAUsI4b 2Kicking off his album with the track ‘The Ride’, Allan Kingdom has used all the tricks in the book in his album, using numerous electronic sounds to start off certain tracks such as using the keyboard and electronic drums to introduce his cleverly written lyrics.

Kingdom had an incredible start to last year after appearing on Kayne West’s single ‘All Day’ and even joined the artist on stage at the Brit Awards. Not too bad.  

Kingdom has spend 2015 making the music he loves by trying out new beats, honing and improving his sound and just in general making sure this album was as best as it could be.  The majority of artist’s nowadays want you to pay as a minimum of £5 for their music but Kingdom on the other hand likes the ideology of making his album free for his fans by providing free downloads through his website.   It’s not only interesting but also humbling to know this new hip hop artist isn’t bothered about the money, it’s about getting his music out there.  It’s refreshing to see this happen.

By releasing his album in the early weeks of 2016, we’re able to see collaborations with artists you may have heard of or may have not. The likes of appearances from Jared Evan and Chronixx alongside production from Bobby Raps and so many more intrigue because of the difference of sounds on each track of the album.  Some collaboration’s bring out a bit of soul music and the bits of hip hop we all sway to on a night out when we feel nostalgic whereas others bring out new and exciting things for the genre, and that is what makes Allan Kingdom an artist to watch out for.  



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