ROAM are back with their debut album Backbone. Joining the ranks of other British pop punk greats like Neck Deep, Trash Boat and WSTR, they hold the banner for the generic pop punk vibe with each and every song on this LP.

The album starts off properly with ‘Cabin Fever’, a song that gets your feet moving with the poppy guitar riffs and jumpy drum beats. ‘Deadweight’, the second full song in this twelve song album, starts with fast guitars and quick paced drums linking to the metal genre, but this quickly turns back into a pop punk tune. Next is ‘All The Same’, the guitars creating a swaying motion in your mind but thrusts you into heavy drums and distorted guitars, all key pieces of the pop punk genre.

‘Bloodline’ starts off as a bit of a slow compared to most of the other songs, but once again thrusts the listener into massively distorted guitars and hefty drums. ‘R.I.P In Peace’, the ballad of the album with chugging guitars and 4/4 beat on the drums, all make the song a catchy one. ‘Tracks’, the one acoustic song on the album, holds its own but has to fight against Neck Deep’s classic song ‘A Part of Me’. ‘Head Rush’, a song that was off their original E.P Head Down, comes back and shows that ROAM’s first songs can still please a crowd.

The album starts to sound the same about halfway through and sounds like most of the young British pop punk bands today either trying to break through or become popular at the moment. ROAM definitely have something going for them as they are signed to Hopeless Records, the biggest pop punk label out there, but they have to really stand out from the crowd if they are to break through and stand on their own.




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