Over five years since the release of their last studio album, Daisy, Long Island me legends Brand New have announced that they will release a new record this year.

At a show in Nashville, TN in October 2015, frontman Jesse Lacey said to the crowd that “this will be the last show for a while… there are going to be a lot of things different when we come back. Hopefully we’ll have a record to play for you.” He also hinted at the band’s possible breakup in the future, saying I’m gonna tell you right here and now this isn’t going to last much longer… but it’s been so special for so long, and for as long as it does last we’re so grateful to all you for being here.”

On Friday 29th January Brand New’s record label Procrastinate! sent out an email confirming both an new release from the band (although it did not specify what format) in 2016 as well as a co-headline tour of the U.S. with Modest Mouse.

This follows the single ‘Mene’ and the collection of leaked demos from 2006 which the band released last year.


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