Refused and Twin Atlantic will headline this year’s 2000 Trees festival, as announced on Daniel P Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show.

They will be joined by Moose Blood, While She Sleeps and WSTR, all also performing at the Cheltenham festival between 7th-9th July.

In an interview on the show, Twin Atlantic also revealed that they are currently starting work on the follow-up to 2014 album ‘Great Divide’.

“We’re really excited to be headlining 2000 Trees because it’s the first time we’ve headlined a festival in the UK.” Said frontman Sam McTrusty, also letting slip that the band are, “getting ready to go back into the studio today and record our new album. It’s probably our heaviest record yet and it’s our most reactive album. It’s a lot more visceral and a lot more in your face. It definitely feels like we’ve reinvented something.”

A further 13 names will be announced on Wednesday in Kerrang! Magazine and tickets are on sale now.



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