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Two years on from releasing their self-titled debut album, Eagulls are back with a new single from their (as yet untitled) second album.

‘Lemontrees’ takes a slightly different approach from the loud, noise-driven post-punk that we associate with Eagulls. ‘Lemontrees’ is a lot softer in comparison. The guitars aren’t as harsh, instead they are rather melodic and jangly.

Another difference is George Mitchell’s vocal style. On ‘Lemontrees’, the vocals are much clearer allowing the lyrics to come through. Lyrically it’s as dark as ever. Mitchell yelps about death in the nicest way possible “All the trees will fall /And all the leaves will fall /And all the seeds stop opening”. These dark lyrics create a huge contrast with the guitars which immediately grabs and pulls you in.

‘Lemontrees’ is a very interesting listen. It goes down one path to suddenly take another one in a different direction. One certain thing about this song is that it will leave you wanting more.



Canada’s Abandon All Ships have loudly announced their comeback with new single, ‘Loafting’. As their first release since reuniting with their original line-up (including ex-Woe, Is Me member Andrew Paiano), the metalcore sextet has polished their electronic sound, finally straying away from the obscenely auto-tuned vocals of 2012’s Infamous and 2013’s Malocchio.

The track combines a fusion of hardcore and electronic dance beat drops that are broken up by unclean vocals. Synth piano is layered over a haunting echoed guitar during the verses that engages with sporadic track stutters. ‘Loafting’ is a great first release to promote the band’s revival.  

KAITLYN ULRICH @k_ulrich23


New single, new album and a new sound means The Lumineers are back with big drumbeats and piano rhythms to introduce ‘Ophelia’.  

It’s been awhile since we heard the band’s incredible sound, but you can’t help but love the piano solos, beautiful harmonies and the fact your feet can’t stop tapping throughout the song.

Although the track is fairly short, it’s a great way to introduce yourselves back into the industry after a long break.  One lyric that will stay in your mind throughout the day is: “Honey I love you, that’s all she wrote”.



Like all musicians, their music evolves over time, and it’s safe to say Beyoncé has definitely moved on from her ‘Crazy In Love’ era and is not looking back.

The vocals in ‘Formation’ are interesting in the sense that there isn’t really much to them. Trying too hard to appear ‘bad-ass’ next to husband and world famous rapper Jay Z, Beyoncé sings about being “a star” and repetitively “slaying” along with other explicit lyrics.

The constant high pitched spring-like noise that runs throughout may grind a few listeners’ gears to say the least but if you’re into mainstream R&B then ‘Formation’ is right up your street.

BECCA MOORE @beccamoore_


Following on from her part in last year’s halftime show, Missy Elliott wants another piece of that Super Bowl pie. She follows up initial comeback single, ‘WTF’, with ‘Pep Rally’ – somewhat of an ear worm placed strategically into every American home before the big event via an Amazon advert. It’s a salute to the massive sporting culture that is gobbled up stateside. Nothing more.

Complete with the same drumming march rhythm of a pep rally, the song matches the fun of the occasion with its simple lyrics but will leave any real fan highly confused. Let’s just hope this is kept well away from the album.


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