Photo: Coldplay’s Facebook

The Super Bowl Halftime show: the biggest 12 minute entertainment spectacle on Earth, sandwiched between two halves of a sport that perplexes entire continents.

This year the Super Bowl turned 50, and what better way to mark the anniversary of the landmark event of American culture than a soft-spoken, ‘head-in-the-clouds’ dream boy from Devon. Of course this is Chris Martin, frontman of Coldplay.

Martin wasted no time though in playing the part with enough bombastic showmanship to make even Bono shed a tear. He starts crouched offstage as a stampede of fans flood the field from behind. Beginning the tick-box medley of hits, he sings the opening lines of ‘Yellow’ with immediately botched audio before promptly launching into ‘Viva La Vida’. He then joins his band on stage; a bombardment of colour so full on it would make San Francisco’s gay pride look like the white-washed interior of an art exhibit.

The crowd latch on to the grating, scattergun hook of ‘Para- Para- Paradise’ for all of thirty seconds, melding into ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’, lead single off their latest full length LP and frankly one of the better songs in their locker.

Having performed for a total of five minutes, it is at this point that the show “headliners” slink off for a quick tea break, leaving Bruno Mars and Beyoncé (acts that have both out-done this occasion 2-3 years prior) to run away with the show and leave Chris and co buried in the dust!

First up to bat is Bruno Mars, as joined by trusty sidekick Mark Ronson, which can only mean one thing. They break out a remixed version of the inescapable yet still absurdly entertaining ‘Uptown Funk’, with Mars spinning up his signature cool without barely having to open his mouth (quite literally).

The limelight is then thrown over to Beyoncé, who squeezes every last drop of it with one swift, masterfully choreographed swoop. As of late, Beyoncé has morphed into a sass-rap diva of sorts and having premiered the video of her song ‘Formation’ two days before the Super Bowl, she had ran away with it before it even began. Add to that her sheer magnetism in stage performance and the strong political statement given on the night, the cheque should clearly be made out to Mrs Knowles.

Beyoncé and Mars then meet centre stage for the fiercest Just Dance battle you’ve ever witnessed before Martin is strung back into action. Having been near enough idle for the schooling just imposed on him, he performs a piano rendition of ‘Fix You’ in tribute to past performers before the three end in unison stood over a camera that pans out to typical cinematic effect. Across the stands, in a collage of more rainbow coloured cards read the words, ‘Believe in love’.

Pass the bucket when you’re done won’t you.

JORDAN LOW @_JordanLow

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