He began with So Help Me God, moved on to Swish, made us believe it was Waves, but how wrong were we.

Kanye West has kept us all on our toes over the past few months with his undecided album title, but finally the man himself has come to some sort or decision, announcing that his seventh album will be called The Life Of Pablo. The news comes following a guessing game on Twitter, in which Kanye promised anyone who could work out what T.L.O.P. stood for would win a pair of Yeezys and tickets to his Season 3 show.

Alongside this, Kanye has released a track list for the album, cutting out tunes like ‘No More Parties In LA’ (featuring Kendrick Lamar). TLOP is to premiere tonight in New York, but an album launch is just not enough for Kanye; the event will double as the launch of Yeezy Season 3, his latest fashion range, and will be streamed in cinemas around the world – no biggie.

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