Before you even entered the building the atmosphere is buzzing. No one can wait for the band to come on and with every other male there looking like Kevin Parker’s double, it is easy to see that everyone there love the band.

The lights go down and Tame Impala begin their intro, starting off the light show that would keep the whole audience entranced for the duration of the gig. After a fair few minutes of this, the band kick into a single off their latest album Currents called ‘Let It Happen’, which is the perfect song to get the crowd going. With the best drop halfway through the song, confetti cannons go off and shower the crowd.

Near on halfway through their set, the band play an older single from album Lonerism called ‘Elephant’. Being more guitar based as opposed to synth like their newest album, it feels like a switch from light and floaty music to something slightly more heavy which everyone goes mad for.

The most recently released single ‘The Less I Know The Better’ has an extremely groovy intro, and every single person in Alexandra Palace starts to dance as soon as the first note is played. After what felt like only 10 minutes, the band go off stage for a short while before coming back to perform an encore. This consisted of songs ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’. The confetti cannons blow off once again and Parker has the entire crowd singing every word of the songs to him.

The whole gig felt very special and intimate, despite being in a huge venue. Tame Impala exceeded expectations.


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