It’s been two years since Dallas Green has been to Brighton, yet he commands the venue as if he never left. Since his debut here over 10 years ago, he’s come quite a long way, from playing mid-day at a local pub to now playing a sold out show at the Brighton Dome.  The venue, seemingly somewhere you’d see an orchestra or classical arrangement, oddly suits the vibe and sound of City and Colour.  

Green, alias City and Colour, is known for his pitch-perfect voice and tear-jerking acoustic ensembles as well as now, in his more modern sound, a contemporary mix of blues and folk. The man is truly a multi-talented wonder, and you just get the feeling he really doesn’t realise how good he actually is. He plays a variety of new and old, including hits such as ‘The Girl’ and ‘Day Old Hate’, whilst bringing them into a new style and added bang with the addition of his band members and electroacoustic guitars.

This tour really showcases how far the artist has developed from his acoustic bedroom-jam days. Now playing to a mixture of older and young fans (and some clear fans of his earlier work and other projects), they all are in unison to celebrate the gift that is his music.

It’s not every day that an artist can literally leave an entire audience in complete silence. From the stalls to the seated circle, as soon as his voice leaves his lips, he silences every single other voice in the room. He conquers every note and every melody, giving a truly mesmerising performance and showing a world-beating powerhouse of vocal ability.

There is no moment throughout the entire show where his voice strays in pitch – seemingly too good to be true, but that is Green’s true selling point, in that he is just that good, it makes you question as to whether you’re hearing something live or something recorded. It’s simply too good to be true.

RORY KELLY @rorykelly93

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