Jack-Garratt-Phase-2016-1200x1200After a captivating performance at Leeds Festival in the summer of 2015, Jack Garratt was able to leave fans astonished and wondering what he’s capable of.  The multi-instrumentalist has released his debut album a year later, and it has not disappointed.  Introducing the album with astonishing vocals/harmonies and incredibly talented skills with the guitar, keyboard and electric drums, you can tell it’s going to be an interesting listen.  

He’s spent many years playing in small venues as a support act, to now, having his own tour in some of the biggest arenas you can play at.  After years of writing, months in the studio and weeks of not being able to withhold himself with the excitement that’s contained inside of him, he can be proud to say he’s gained new fans with his insanely talented work.  Tracks such as ‘Worry’, “Breathe Life” and ‘Water’ have been very popular with the young musicians fanbase and have been popular enough to reach Radio 1’s playlist months before Phase was released.

Garratt is now headlining Lost Village Festival in Lincolnshire and it’s interesting to see the progression with Garratt.  Not only from small venues in the London area to festivals across the country, but to see the progression in his music and his performances.  That’s what impresses people.  People who saw him a few years ago doing covers of songs with the occasional original thrown in there will now not be able to recognise his style of music.

In one of his latest music videos, ‘Fire’, you’re able to see how much he has progressed as an artist.  To not only do his multi-instrumentalist thing, but to be able to use a loop pedal and record his vocals on the spot.  To change the pitch of his voice to match a certain tone of the music, and still perform at a high level, means he’s definitely an act to follow.



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