K1600_Greenleaf_Cover Small.JPGTest. Stick on Swedish rocker’s Greenleaf’s new album Rise Above The Meadow and try to sit still. Money on the table, you won’t be able to. This record is full to brim with ‘70s styled rock riffage and grooves which will penetrate your mind, with the only appropriate response being  that of an infectious, unstoppable head nod.

The record sets off with it’s first thunderous track,‘A Million Fireflies’, which begins with a vicious drum roll, taking its listener by the horns and preparing them for the dangerous journey ahead.

Arvid Jonsson’s vocals are especially effective, fitting the sound of the record with ease and style, as his voice weaves and frames the lazy and loose riffs, meanwhile holding a slight resemblance to The Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach, with his sleazy charm and bluesy undertone.

‘Howl’ is dominated by a creeping, haunting riff which tiptoes around the tight and dirty drum pattern. Suddenly, the track ignites, flaming into a hard hitting breakdown section with a riff so tasty, you can only properly appreciate with your eyes closed.

The next track on the album, ‘Golden Throne’, most definitely takes the crown for being the best track on the list, guaranteed to be your replay button’s new best friend.  This track is overruled by a stabbing, fast-paced rhythm throughout each verse, which acts as possibly one of the most memorable moments within the record.

Combine Queens of The Stone Age sharp and dynamic riffs, The Black Keys’ bluesy sound, add a heavy dose of stoner rock, and you’ve got Rise Above The Meadow; an album of faultless quality and most importantly, monstrously heavy riffs.

LIZZIE CAPEWELL @lizziecapewell


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