Yuck Smal.jpgAfter three years since the release of their second album, Glow & Behold, backed up with relentless touring at home in the UK and the US along with writing, indie rock/shoegaze band Yuck return with new album Stranger Things.

After a change of frontman in 2013, Yuck’s Glow & Behold was met with mixed reviews by the press, noticing that the lack of the previous frontman and main songwriter Daniel Blumberg resulted in the band’s second album being called smooth yet lacking in passion. This however is not the case with Stranger Things.

There are clear elements of Glow & Behold shining through the album, like sun rays breaking through an overcast sky. ‘Hold Me Closer’ is a clear example, with a sound that could be mirrored against ‘Middle Sea’. Although their sound has evolved into an energetic explosion with the likes of ‘Cannonball’, a fast paced riff filled track that will surely make anyone want to nod their head, it can be hard for band to let go of where their sound comes from, so there are some tracks that still bring their shoegaze roots back to life such as ‘Like A Moth’ and ‘As I Walk Away’ still carrying this through into this album. Yuck have worked hard to develop their own sound into something that is not duplicated by other bands which is clear on ‘I’m OK’. Building halfway through almost as if the song is ending and then dropping into a beautifully simple bass line, this song is a tease as it builds and drops to finally give way to a big chorus.

All in all, this is an album that defines Yuck’s sound, and how in the three years since the departure of Blumberg, it is a chronology of where they were at the time and where they are now.

MATT SMITH @MatthewJamesSmi


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