a0008574240_10After introducing a single melodic guitar beat to kick off the EP with the first track, ‘Rare Error’, Ko_Plune’s lead vocalist, Courtney Gray, begins her intriguing, but unusual, vocals and harmonies.

The four-piece band are Southampton based and have become a permanent fixture across the local venues such as The 1865 and The Joiners. They’ve now joined the SMILEfest line-up where they’ll play with bands such as Massmatiks, SAMMY Kettell and SKIES.

Ko_Plune bring an interesting twist on the alternative experimental and it’s no surprise that they’ve started to build and build on their fanbase on the South Coast. The guitar, drums, vocals and keyboard notes are all tasty and make you want more. But there’s a weird feeling about them as well. The way the music is produced is not like your typical tracks in the charts. The tracks on this EP have had a lot of thought into them through many hours in the studio.

Although they may have a unique sound compared to other artists, KoPlune’s music has got people talking. There’s also the part which any lover of guitars will enjoy where the chords change completely to different sounds within each chord sequence and the music gets better and better from this band. Southampton has an incredible music scene and it’s no surprise this band have been so successful on the South Coast. No one knows what will happen with this band in the future, but if you see them at the SMILEfest and love what they do, then welcome to the world of Ko_Plune.



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