M.Ward-More-RainThe singer songwriter’s eighth album is named More Rain, which is interesting as the first track on the album has a tropical sound to it, almost as if you’re in the rainforest.  It then moves swiftly onto the next track, which provides you with an upbeat, happy song, which makes you want to dance and singalong.

Ward isn’t alone on this album. More Rain provides an interesting amount of featuring artists both in the songs and in the production of the tracks.  Neko Case gives vocals to the track ‘Time Won’t Wait’.  R.E.M‘s Peter Buck provides instrumentation on the tracks ‘Phenomenon’ and ‘Temptation’.  Although Ward wrote every track on the album except for one, a cover of The Beach Boys‘ ‘You’re So Good To Me’, his version of the track shows us the talent and skill Ward has to completely change a song with his vocals.

Ward describes a certain song on the album as “this is a song about a slow driving man” at the start of “Slow Driving Man”. Ward is able to create the story of a character, which we end up creating an image of with the track.

It’s interesting how this talented man isn’t as popular as some other artists in the current charts, but even with his album being his eighth, there could be his name somewhere on a billboard or in the charts.  



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