Cover_Everybody_300CMYK Small.jpgThe Struts are a band which makes you question; who said rock ‘n’ roll was dead? Everybody Wants is a record which has proudly revolutionised ‘70s glam into today’s modern era, while frontman Luke Spiller “struts” his shaggy hair, glitzy eye makeup and Ziggy Stardust-esk stage costumes to prove it.

The time-warped foursome are taking the US by storm, and it’s certainly clear why. With tracks such as ‘It Could Have Been Me’, and ‘Kiss This’, it’s obvious that these boys aren’t lacking in their ability to write songs which are inescapably catchy and head-invading.

Something which is definitely drawing about this album, is Spiller’s uncanny vocal resemblance to Queen’s Freddie Mercury. Throughout each track, his powerhouse of a voice box lifts and empowers each melody, flamboyant and effortless, suiting the glitz and sparkle of the poppy, polished tunes. Additionally, there’s no mistaking that tracks such as  ‘Put Your Money On Me’ and ‘The Ol Switcharoo’ share the same sassy, rock ’n’ roll vibe as The Darkness.

‘Only Just A Call Away’ is one of the greatest tracks on the record, a slow-paced, power ballad, with a melody sure to tug on a few heart strings.

With the upbeat, fast-paced tunes ‘She Makes Me Feel Like’ and ‘Roll Up’, the band are quite obviously not  another edgey, generic indie band, but instead, even with their clear classic rock influence,  are something new, refreshing, and will in no doubt be the go-to band for summer festivals this year. This record is feel-good, fist-pumping and yes, even maybe just a little cheesy, but this will not stop The Struts from gaining a further worldwide success.

LIZZIE CAPEWELL @dazednc0nfused_


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