12075069_948180015273598_3261572345095377360_n Small.jpgSouthampton-based artist Mateo Donoghue (or Kult Eviction) is set to release his EP Currents this Spring. Sounding a lot like artists such as Oh Wonder and Black Coast, he has rejuvenated electropop and produced alluring tracks alongside some of the top talented up and coming singers around the South Coast.

Starting with ‘Close’, the introduction sounds like it should be the beginning of some huge grime track, but surprisingly the soft vocals of Amber Wilson cut straight through, making this a simply soulful start for the journey you experience when you listen to the EP as a whole.

‘Don’t Ponder On The Past’ is without a doubt has the most professional feel about it when it comes to production. The guitar solo near the end has Arctic Monkeys vibes, which is successful when it comes to creating its musical compositions. It’s not over done, it’s a balance and is between electronic pop and indie anthem.

The third track, ‘Work This Out’, features Meg Wilson Edwards, who’s ability to produce such a clean and soothing vocal range, and when harmonized with Donoghue’s contribution, gives this song a magical feel. Reflective and deep meaning lyrics tie together what this duo are about. They show their potential when it comes to being authentic writers. This track gives sheer emotion which without a doubt any listener will be able to relate too. Even though most of the tracks have piano chords throughout, listeners will be able to hear delicate instrumentation such as a guitar or percussion which blend together like hot water and honey, giving Currents a transformation and comforting appeal.

Currents is exciting, refreshing and simplistically stunning. Some listeners may not enjoy the idea that from song to song there is a slightly different concepts to them, but this is what makes it a masterpiece, never dislike something at first because it’s different. Stick to Currents, it will surely grow on you.



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