original.jpgAfter a six year long wait, the British fan base have finally got something new to listen to. The Qemists have released their third studio album, Warrior Sound,  which is looking set to be their most streamed album to date.

Warrior Sound’s introductory song, ‘Our World’, sets the scene for the rest of the twelve track album by initiating that every track is in the order it should be, so don’t touch the shuffle button.

This drum and bass/ breakbeat specialist five-piece are often compared to bands such as The Prodigy and Pendulum, which is especially apparent within this new record. Amongst the album’s twelve songs, the standout track is the single ‘Run You’, which appears on the Terminator Genisys trailer. This track puts across the message that humans should not be ran about and commanded by other humans especially in conflicting environments, such as warfare.  

Warrior Sound is filled with high-energy enthusiasm throughout, especially in ‘Push the Line’ and ‘Let It Burn’. These two tracks fully introduce us to the newest members to the band; Olly Simmons (new frontman) and MC Bruno Balanta, who adds a new flavour to the edgy drops in tempo.

Collaborations on this album feature the likes of trending names such as the band Hacktivist and Crossfaith’s Kenta Koie, as well as lesser known names in the inclusion of Charlie Rhymes and Ghetts. The only disappointment with the albums collaborations is that we unfortunately don’t see a return appearance from the heavy hitting band Enter Shikari. A track similar to the 2011’s ‘Take It Back’ would complement this particular album because many tracks on Warrior Sound have a synergy in sound with Enter Shikari’s style of rock.

The Qemists have hit home with this album, none the less with its ongoing progression in rhythm and raspy vocals yet again combining rock with drum and bass, which seems to be very popular at the moment.



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