A new obscure window has opened up for fans of Rival Sons after the release of new single ‘Hollow Bones Pt 1’. The release comes two weeks after the announcement that the Long Beach, California bluesy rockers are releasing a new album in June.

The track has moved away from opening with flailing riffs in the ears of whoevers listening, opening with surreal feedback which is softened by heavy slow riffs which ultimately disguises the hard hitting sound that is about to ensue. Rival Sons have definitely not moved away from their blues roots, the raw pulse that the band wield that has developed over the past four albums still shines through. It is a new track that is constantly building repeatedly, taking short breaks to fill with drums, a short guitar solo or howling vocal. Clearly experimenting with the sound from across all four albums that exists in their arsenal is the aim for this new album.

MATT SMITH @MatthewJamesSmi


Multi-award winning artist and all-round ‘90s/’00s hero Gwen Stefani is back to funk up your senses, but carrying on with her new rejuvenated garish sound.

Enlisting the help of various producers and collaborators who have dabbled with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift, there was only going to be one real outcome; a mammoth portion of pop spectacular-ness.

Telling tales of her experience of being in a new relationship; “You’re like a drugs to me/So put me out of my misery”, sums up perfectly the new ‘place’ Stefani is in. 18 March brings the new album, with what is sure to be a pop-extravaganza sure to overflow the radio waves.



A Day to Remember surprised everyone this week by unveiling their one off, new track ‘Paranoia’. This track is an adrenaline packed three minutes, compiled of heavy riffs complimented with anthemic choruses; every element of this track works together like a well-oiled machine as it’s what the band do best.

‘Paranoia’ does follow the typical structure of an A Day to Remember song (screaming during the verses, melodic chorus, repeat and finished off with a breakdown) but it doesn’t mean ‘Paranoia’ isn’t a decent track because, like all A Day to Remember songs, it’s catchy and their structure proves yet again to be successful.

SAM TAYLOR @thatsth3spirit


“Run away on a holiday, we can run away wherever it takes us,” are the first lyrics that are most definitely shouted at you. Drawstring release their infectiously upbeat summer anthem, ‘Clubhouse’, previously heard on their third EP, Three. The track is packed with hard-hitting drumbeats which reach a sudden halt, while the guitars ease it up with a short little melody.

Although the track is just a minute and a half, the band manage to capture a summer vacation drive-by song that you can blare our your car window as you travel down the motorway.

ISHA SHAH @L0wRegards


‘Somebody Else’ is the new track from The 1975. The lyrics present typical relationships and breakups in today’s society: “I’m looking through you while you’re looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else”.

A piano organ plays over atmospheric manipulated synths, which gives an emotional feel that is jammy and catchy as hell. Matt Healy’s vocals progress from soft and suppressed in the first verse to louder and more emotional.

The track has a lush production whilst radiating an incredibly laidback vibe and a fantastic bridge. You’ll soon find yourself singing this things masterpiece without even realising it.



“Everybody has sex, and it’s something people want to hear about,” ex-One Direction fox Zayn Malik announced solemnly back in January, with all the grace of a year ten health education teacher handing out condoms.

Initial single ‘Pillowtalk’ displayed a similar lack of panache, with a soft-porn video and cringey lines like: “So we’ll piss off the neighbours/In the place that feels the tears”. ‘Like I Would’, however, takes us out of knock-off Miguel territory and into sexy new pastures-brooding vocals swirl amongst slick electro-pop beats, and even the vaguely fuckboy lyrics can’t stop us breathing a collective sigh of relief. IT’S A BANGER, LADS.

CHARYS NEWTON @charysnewton

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