primalscream_chaosmosis1 smallThree years on from their phenomenal tenth studio album, More Light, alt-rock veterans Primal Scream continue their pursuit of new and exciting styles to indulge in.  

With an incredible discography under their belts, spanning over three very grateful decades, the group’s latest efforts in Chaosmosis forcefully delves into sectors of songwriting not yet explored by Bobby Gillespie and co.

The album begins as most Scream albums do; hugely uplifting bongo-beats, gospel vocals and bouncy guitar riffs. ‘Trippin on Your Love’ is the perfect track to open this exciting record with, while simultaneously giving a shout-out to the rave generation of yesterday. Swiftly moving on to track two, ‘Demon Again’ which has a Polica-esque tone, the song is slick, sexy and showcases a complexity to the record early on.

At times however, it does seem that Primal Scream may prioritise their desire to appear contemporary, overdoing the things they have done for years and been doing well. For example, single ‘Where the Light Gets In’, featuring Californian singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira, trails in comparison to the rest of the songs. It’s rhythmically acceptable but lacks endeavor and passion; sure, it’s different from any previous work they’ve done, but it’s somehow a very safe effort and a poor choice for a leading single.

Before too long, the album shifts gear at track seven ‘When the Blackout Meets the Fallout’, a ferocious hard-hitting, two minute storm sure to lead to a few injuries when played live – no matter, ‘Swastika Eyes’ has been breaking noses since 2000. This track however clears the mist that alluded listeners into believing this album was driven towards a particular sound and instead acts as a tangent for the melodic pop vibe created in the first half of the record.

But all’s well that ends well. Closing track and standout song, ‘Autumn in Paradise’, rounds off the record at its peak, leaving us with a brighter view on Primal Scream’s Segway into their pop madhouse.

ALEC LARKIN @aleclarkinriley


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