a1921072900_10 banner smallDanish thrash outlet, Artillery‘s, 8th album, Penalty by Perception, shows that the thrash flag is still flying very high and that even outside the sphere of the legendary big four; there’s still plenty that the genre has to offer. Even though it may not be as grizzly as old school thrash which had that fast and furious raw quality to it, Penalty by Perception still features some pretty heavy stuff that would please any fan of the more aggressive metal styles. But you’ll especially like this album if you love melodic metal.

The album starts off strong with the explosive ‘In Defence of Conformity’ before leading into the electric ‘Live by the Scythe’ which has an amazing display of guitar shreds and an addictive anthem chorus. The actual title track itself is old school thrash at it’s best with an aggressive lead riff, not to mention awesome melody driven vocals similar to Joey Belladona from Anthrax. ‘Sin of Innocence’ is a solid offering from the band with a machine gun guitars and impressively fast solos.

Although the band are making great music, some people might not like how well polished and refined the album is – after all, thrash was never supposed to be pretty, even Metallica’s last album, Death Magnetic, had scruffy production. ‘When the Magic Is Gone’ has a ballad vibe to it before going into a more groove led modern metal bridge, but generally it’s a slow track that not a lot of listeners into the heavier stuff will appreciate it. 

While Artillery’s brand of thrash may not be as dark and evil as one might like, they still show a great amount of talent on their 8th studio album. As musicians, they’re all skilled in their craft and because of it, they’ve pulled together 11 killer tracks that might not be the most memorable but are certainly enjoyable to listen too if you like any sort of speed metal.



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