Chase and Status ft. Tom Grennan – All Goes Wrong

The duo’s latest release hints at a previously hidden grittiness, with Grennan’s powerful and soulful voice amalgamating with fast breakbeats to paint the image of an individual overcoming a personal mental struggle. Despite the chorus and post-chorus being a tad repetitive, the lyrics are uplifting and elicit a great semblance of strength, inspiring listeners to battle their own interpersonal conflict.


Words by Sophie Barnden


Honeyblood – Sea Heart

As punk fuelled and playful as ever, Honeyblood return with ‘Sea Hearts’, a song filled to the brim with spiky riffs guaranteed to keep you warm this Autumn. “Sipping tequila after dark”, Stina Tweeddale’s playful yet powerful vocals still manages to pack a punch alongside the fierce bassline. Throughout, this duo is able to switch from varying tempos with such efficiency and style that listeners remain captivated by every beat.


Words by Charlotte Miles


Robbie Williams – Party Like A Russian

Stoke-On-Trent’s Robbie Williams is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time and is a former member of British pop group Take That. His new track, ‘Party Like A Russian’, somehow miraculously converts the traditional ballet song ‘Dance of The Knights’ by Prokofiev into a catchy pop song. With his undeniable chorus lines and the traditional Robbie Williams charm this song is inevitably going to turn into a big hit. Get ready for listening to this on Radio 1 on loop!


Words by Lucy Wynne

Radiohead – Ill Wind

On Ill Wind, Phil Selway and Colin Greenwood provide jazz-influenced percussion and a riding bassline that recalls Amnesiac, while Yorke’s signature falsetto wail channels Hail to the Thief – era – Radiohead. Glacial synths overshadow guitars, in keeping with A Moon Shaped Pool’s more experimental direction, though ‘Ill Wind’ breaks away from AMSP’s subtle and understated sound for more familiar winding and chaotic melodies.


Words by Kai Newton



‘Hawaii (Stay Awake)’, from American Pop Punkers Waterparks’ debut album Double Dare starts off with a dynamic and fast paced intro. The song isn’t overly complex and the chorus is catchy, and shows the potential that they’re not just another pop punk band with sounds that we’ve heard a thousand times before.


Words by Sophie Woodberry

Vanessa White ft Illa j – Low Key

‘Low-Key’, the first solo effort from ex-Saturdays band member Vanessa White, is a mature pop RnB throwback to the era of 90s jams with its soft boom claps and summery synths. Detroit rapper Illa j is a welcome feature, giving it added weight. Its simple production allows for a more effective hook and allows the song to breathe nicely.


Words by George McLoughill

Believer – Major Lazer

Hot on the heels of their latest smash hit with Justin Bieber, Major Lazer have followed up with a song that takes a completely different direction.  Rather than having a modern commercial production, this track has an old school EDM feel thanks to Showtek. ‘Believer’ may unfortunately be reminiscent of the Kevin and Perry movie but it still has its moments, the vocals during the verses are particularly impressive. Overall, a hit and miss track.


Words by Joel Hernon


Metallica – Moth Into Flame

Metallica are back with one of the best songs they’ve done in years. ‘Moth into Flame’ sees thrash metal champions back to their routes while also expanding on their sound and adopting the popular modern technical metal style. The track is all about the guitar work as your hit with a riff that seriously packs a punch, while Kirk Hammett pulling out a mesmerising, rapid fire solo that has your jaw open wide by the end. Ultimately, ‘Moth into Flame’ is a solid track and will appeal to fans of their old school stuff because it brings back the punk, and the “take no prisoners” attitude Metallica once had.


Words by Megan McMillan


Bon Iver – 8 (Circle)

Right down to the song titles, Bon Iver‘s 22, A Million,  is an esoteric event. ‘8 (Circle)’, the albums fourth single, is its most serene yet.  

A five minute journey of reflection, Justin Vernon is totally unbounded by what a conventional song should be. The vocals are free flowing and far between, letting the instrumental breathe beneath it. The track ebbs and flows, falling away to bright string sections before picking itself back up again.  It’s organic, honest and unmistakably Bon Iver.  


Words by Jordan Low


Creeper – Suzanne

After what seems an eternity waiting for the answer to Creeper’s mysterious enigmatic posts over the past month, the punk group have finally released ‘Suzanne’, the debut single to their upcoming album Eternity, In Your Arms.

Kicking off to a wild start reminiscent of earlier pop punk stars Alkaline Trio, topped to the brim with power-chords, a deep bassline and fast-paced drums. Alike many of Creeper’s previous works, the chorus and the hooks are contagiously catchy and will undoubtedly stick in your head for weeks to come.


Words by Charlie Hill


The Weeknd – Starboy 

The Weeknd shows off his ability to take you into another dimension of his music with the new hit ‘Starboy’. The elements of the song take us back to his album “The Trilogy”, whilst still showing us how much he has developed his own sound.


Words by Stephanie Ospina

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