Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

Hanging up her pyrotechnic bras and mermaid wigs for good, Lady Gaga opts for a stripped down approach on her latest single, ‘Million Reasons’.

With laid back acoustic guitars and melancholy piano notes, this country ballad is worlds away from her flashy The Fame Monster days.  As expected, Lady Gaga is vocally on top form yet the sombre and sluggish rhythm becomes dull quickly.

It’s always exciting to see artists experimenting with different genres, however, in this case, listeners are left dreaming of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics from ‘Love Game’ and the singalong chorus from ‘Born This Way’.

Charlotte Miles

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic 

Bruno Mars’ net worth is an estimated $90 million and his comeback single ‘24k Magic’ along with the garish music video, proves that he is no longer being humble about it.

With the days of Bruno singing about loving girls just the way they are long gone, ‘24k Magic’ tells of the aftermath of that success – ‘Cuban Links’, ‘Designer Minks’ and ‘Bad Bitches’ aplenty. A creditable feature of this lyrically nauseating track is that it takes cues from Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson, displaying Bruno’s effortless ability to infuse old-school sounds to create throwback pop tracks of great proportion.

Hayley Milross

Sum 41 – A Murder Of Crows

Pop Punk all-stars, Sum 41 are back and better than ever. ‘A Murder of Crows’ is the latest single from their recently released album, 13 Voices and although it may not have the same energy as ‘In Too Deep’ it’s still a solid track. Right from the off you can hear just how much the band have matured over the years, from the melancholy melodies, to the flawless song structure. However, despite the fact they’ve brought something more serious to the table, they still maintain that rough punk edge that fans fell in love with.

Megan McMillan

The Killers – Peace Of Mind

Released with the 10th anniversary reissue of Sam’s Town, the soft opening of ‘Peace Of Mind’ by The Killers paves the way for a tumultuous fist-shaker of a tune, which could slide into any position on the track listing of the 2006 album.

Brandon Flowers‘ ever-dreamy lyrics lie right on the line between nostalgia and melancholy, leaving the listener with a heavy but warm heart. The repetitive nature of the drums and the chants of “omm” from the rest of the band are quite meditative and calming. The overall effect atoning to the title. ‘Peace Of Mind’ is a gentle reminder of Killers passed, simple and stirring.

Maddy Hardman

Telegram – You Said You Saw Us


If you look up “indie” in the dictionary, a picture of Telegram is what you might expect to find.

‘You Said You Saw Us’ is the only hint of new-material, from the London based indie-rockers since they released their debut album Operator. The punchy opening resembles that of ‘Pedestrian At Best’ by the legendary Courtney Barnett, tailed by the full-blown, messy guitar that can proudly be compared to The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’.

The rhythmic bass-line, coupled with vocals that will make any indie-chick swoon, make for a magical combination. This alone (easily) makes Telegram one of the most interesting bands around today.

Jasmine Hodge

Enter Shikari – Hoodwinker

It’s at the end of Enter Shikari’s fourth album, The Mindsweep’s life cycle and already the post-hardcore quartet are back at it again with the latest single ‘Hoodwinker’. Set with a heavier sound, full to the brim with potential breakdowns left, right and centre.  This brand new song is set to cause mayhem on stage similar to previous track ‘The Paddington Frisk’. If this is a marker to show how the upcoming fifth album is, then the next release could possible the heaviest album Enter Shikari has released to date.

Charlie Hill

Green Day – Youngblood 

The long awaited return of Californian punk-rockers, Green Day, this year has seen them go back to doing what they do best: writing politically charged punk anthems that’ll keep their fans captivated – but have they gone soft over their four year hiatus?

The song, “Youngblood”, was written about Billie Joe Armstrong’s wife, Adrienne. The lyrics are somewhat slapdash, yet still allude endearing qualities. As for the music, it almost has a matured, ‘She’s A Rebel’ vibe to it. It’s certainly not a love song, but it’s definitely a future arena anthem.

Chloe Gorman

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