Label: Hopeless Records

Released: 7th October 2016

When it comes to band reunions, the concept is often met with raised eyebrows. Bands such as Fall Out Boy quickly spring to mind who, after being on hiatus between 2010 and 2013, reformed to create 2 albums that which were by far their worst efforts. After the release of ‘Fake My Own Death’, hopes were held high for the release of Sum 41’s first release since 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder. Was 13 Voices going to live up to the hype that the first single brought?

The answer to that question isn’t a clear-cut yes or no. 13 Voices is certainly a mixed bag. Kicking off to a raucous start with ‘A Murder of Crows’ setting the mood with an orchestral mixture of violins before Deryck Whibley’s voice calls out with huge impact “Take Me Away!” It’s clear from the start that this isn’t a simple cookie cut-out pop punk album, taking influences from a mixture of hard rock sources as well as still referring back to punk. Sum 41, whilst still maintaining their own unique sound have evolved it to show they’ve grown up since making their seminal album All Killer No Filler.

13 Voices is the sound of a Sum 41 that are slowly getting their career back on track. It is clear from songs in the album such as ‘Breaking the Chain’ and ‘The Fall and the Rise’ that the alcoholic breakdown Whibley had back in 2014, which caused the vocalist to be hospitalized, had a huge effect on the band and the album. With a sigh of relief, it’s good to say that Sum 41 are back to the standards of music they once had at the peak of their career.

Track List:
1. A Murder Of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me)
2. Goddamn Im Dead Again
3. Fake My Own Death
4. Breaking The Chain
5. There Will Be Blood
6. 13 Voices
7. War
8. God Save Us All (Death To POP)
9. The Fall & The Rise
10. Twisted By Design

Words by Charlie Hill

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