Label: Epitaph Records
Released: 7th October 2016

Joyce Manor have quietly remerged into the scene after 2 years with their new album Cody. It lacks that certain energy that their self-titled effort brought to the table. There isn’t any angry lyrics or riffs that aim to make a room shift. Cody comes across as a very personal album. Almost as if a diary belonging to lead singer Barry Johnson has been transformed into a full length record.

The singles, ‘Fake I.D.’ and ‘Last You Heard of Me’ both felt like they were trying to be something they’re not. ‘Fake I.D.’s opening riff is catchy but after you’ve heard it a few times the interest drops and you want to listen to something different. ‘Last You Heard of Me’ is just dull, telling a story about Johnson going to a bar where someone is smoking weed but Johnson refuses to take part as he “doesn’t touch the stuff”.

When Joyce Manor released their self-titled album, it was critically acclaimed. And fans adored the attitude behind it. But in recent years, especially with Never Hungover Again, it seems as though Joyce Manor are moving towards the softer side of rock with radio play in mind.  ‘Do You Really Want To Not Get Better’ is a drag and just adds nothing to the album. However, you can’t write the same thing twice. And Joyce Manor have gained a massive following these past few years, however they hype surrounding Cody never really materialised.

But nonetheless something didn’t work out. So much more could’ve happened with this album, but it was bland with very little wow moments. It’s upsetting to think that Joyce Manor could have done so much better with Cody.

Track List:
1. “Fake I.D.”
2. “Eighteen”
3. “Angel In The Snow”
4. “Do You Really Want To Not Get Better?”
5. “Last You Heard Of Me”
6. “Make Me Dumb”
7. “Over Before It Began”
8. “Reversing Machine”
9. “Stairs”
10. “This Song Is A Mess But So Am I”

Words by Jamie O’Melia

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