Label: Hopelesstrophy-eyes-chemical-miracle-web Records
Released: 14 October 2016

Pigeonholed as yet another pop punk band, Australian Trophy Eyes have released a record that allows them to be free from any stereotypes.

Following the success of their first EP Everything Goes Away, Trophy Eyes pushed on to release a second album in 2014, cashing in on the enthusiasm of their fans. However, as their second album Chemical Miracle is unleashed into the world, it seems as though the band are still wavering between stylistic influences.

‘Chlorine’ stands as the first dabble into the bands raw and emotional state of mind. It tells the story of lead vocalist John Floreani’s close brush with death, juxtaposing the narrative of his saviour with own personal experience and conjuring up a track that is not suited for the light of heart. ‘Counting Sheep’ may alert Men, Move On fans, with it’s teeth-biting vocals and an aggressive punk influence, whereas the group divert back to older sounding material with ‘Nose Bleed’ – a reminiscence cut short as the beautifully melodic tones of ‘Heaven Sent’ sweep in.

However, the band seem to be holding up a resistance to this new musical style. ‘Rain On Me’, ‘Chemical’ and ‘Miracle’ seem a little misplaced, but what’s interesting about their divide is the band’s choice to split up the album title into two separate tracks that don’t quite compliment each other. Whilst these infused tracks are rare, their impacts are bold- with everything from loud, fury-fuelled shouts to placid spoken words that send goosebumps down your arms.

Taking a step back from the overpowering instrumentals, which were arguably Trophy Eyes’ selling point, Chemical Miracle relies heavily on lyrically content. With such striking stories to recap, the five-piece do well to delve into the experimental side of music, creating a sound that is perhaps more daring than anything they’ve produced before. However, when presented with one final product there needs to be a sense of consistency – Chemical Miracle’s wavering sense of commitment may just prove to be it’s downfall.

Track List:
1. Chlorine
2. Counting Sheep
3. Nose Bleed
4. Heaven Sent
5. Rain On Me
6. Chemical
7. Breathe You In
8. Home Is
9. Miracle
10. Suicide Pact
11. Daydreamer

Words by Isha Shah

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