Home Town: Mossley (Manchester)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cabbageband

For Fans of: Fat White Family, Happy Mondays, The Fall.

The Details:
The five-piece have been touted as “Manchester’s most exciting new band”. This is a phrase steeped within history, and to be associated with all those Manchester greats would be considered an honour. There would be few arguments against the fact that Manchester has produced greater music than anywhere else in the UK in the last 25 years, and the fact that Cabbage could be in line after The Fall, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, The Smiths and A Certain Ratio is more than enough to delve deeper into the work of the band from Mossley.

So what about the band themselves? What do they sound like? The certainly have a whiff of The Fall about them, in particular the vocal delivery and the vividness of the lyrics. The band themselves call their music “idiosyncratic, satirical attack in the form of discordant neo post-punk”, the Fat White Family comparisons are obvious, but Cabbage are providing a different point of view. ‘Dinner Lady’ is a sarcastic, Fall-inspired jab at life as a dinner lady in a posh school. Arguably not the most exciting of topics, but with lyrics like “I got so bored and idle, served enough sausage rolls to make me suicidal, to combat this state I had a wank in the quiche, and I watched the headmaster get it stuck to his teeth”, they may certainly raise a few eyebrows.

Despite being from a place which has spawned some musical greats, Cabbage have slightly different views of their home turf. They’re bored with bands wanting to be the next Oasis. In an interview they stated that “Hopefully we can inspire some other politically minded, tuned-in, socially aware groups, who will make interesting music and get Manchester going again. There’s still an Oasis-led crowd over here and it’s pretty boring, to be honest. We need to shake it up, big time.” This is a refreshing attitude because that’s what being in a band is all about. Why copy or try to imitate something that has already been and gone? That’s practically what Oasis did anyway.

Cabbage may be relying on shock value, but they are definitely making a name for themselves. They’ve supported Blossoms on tour and they are currently out on the road as we speak. You can get tickets HERE.

Cabbage will play:

Leicester Cookie (14)
Oxford Bullingdon (15)
Hull Adelphi Club (20)
Doncaster Social Bar (21)
Preston Ferret (22)
Bournemouth Sixty Million Postcards (27)
Manchester Ruby Lounge (28)
Coventry Kasbah (29)

Derby Venue (3)
Liverpool Magnet (4)
Bolton Blind Tiger (5)
Reading Purple Turtle (10)
Brighton Green Door Store (11)
Plymouth Underground (12)
Glasgow Stereo (17)
Stockton Ku-bar (18)
Stoke Sugarmill (19)

Words by Tom Staniszewski

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